Normandy 1944 project

While I’ve posted regularly on the Paintingshed Facebook page I’ve left the blog alone for nearly a year. For most of that time my main project has been 20mm WW2 for Normandy, having sold off my 15mm collection. 

I will be using these forces in a game at Partizan in Newark on the 19th of May. As these are now coming together I will use this and a few other blog posts to show how the collection looks. 

After Partizan I expect painting will drop off over the summer. It always does. In the Autumn I expect a return to the 28mm AWI stuff as the Saratoga British army could do with some attention.

For now though, an assortment of WW2 pictures:


  1. Wonderful additions to your collection. If I wasn't as deeply into 28mm as I am I'd instantly go 20mm nowadays. Just so much to choose from and so many possibilities to create little vignettes.


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