Oriskany 1777 (3)

By turn 8 the fight is well and truly on. 

Herkimer’s force had pushed a bridgehead over the creek to tackle the Provincials and Rangers, while the rest of the brigade was engaged by the Indians along the road. Both of these militia units broke and fled despite the rally squares. 

The Provincial battalion received reinforcements, increasing the pressure on the rebels who were now commanded by Colonel Cox after Herkimer was taken down in the skirmishing with the Indians. 

Just as all seemed lost for the rebels and the King’s men prepared to toast victory, things were turned on their heads. 

One of the two militia battalions in the bridgehead charged the Rangers and swept them away. The Provincial reinforcements almost simultaneously charged and captured the rebel riflemen. This left the central militia battalion facing the Mainz Provincial unit. Having failed to make any impact with musketry up to this point, a final ragged volley spewed forth causing some minor casualties and disruption to the men in green. Testing their morale the provincials proved that a stylish uniform is no substitute for martial quality and they broke. This opened up the road to Fort Stanwix and an escape route for the remaining rebel forces and their surviving wagon. 

No glory for anyone this time. A dirty little draw in line with historical events, although possibly less bloody depending on what happened to the rebels who routed. 


  1. Looking good, coming along nicely.

  2. Epic looking game. Love the look of the native American troops on round bases showing their irregular troop status. Terrain is top notch and the figure painting even better.

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