Best wishes for 2018

Hope everyone is having a good start to the year. 

Painting was curtailed when I injured my leg in November. I didn’t get back into the painting chair properly for the rest of the year but have made a start today by popping some washes on a few figures for the Bourbonnais Regiment. Finishing these will be my January project. Not too ambitious as I suspect work will keep me pretty busy over the upcoming weeks...

I’ll do some updates here but will check in more regularly on Facebook. 


  1. Having just returned to the painting table after an extended leave I wish you the best recovery. Painting is it's own therapy! Best wishes.

  2. I've just got rid of my facebook account because I don't feel in control of it. Every new update, 'new and improved' update, feels that I'm being steered in a direction that I don't want to take. *grumpy face*

  3. Would you happen to know what color were French gun carriages and limbers during the AWI?

    Nick Wilson
    Xenia, OH

  4. Best wishes for 2018. Going to be checking back in with this blog as I am back on painting my AWI.


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