Wotiff's Bend, demo game for The Other Partizan


I am back from the seaside and The Other Partizan is just around the corner, so it is time to start planning my game. This time it will still be AWI, but a hypothetical scenario to allow me to fit lots of colourful toys on the table. The rough map for the 10' x 6' battle is shown below:
Wotiff's Bend is a small settlement nestled in the crook of the Cowley River, north of New York. The area forms the western flank of Washington's army and is currently garrisoned by two brigades of militia and a continental brigade. Continental artillery is housed in a fort atop the nearby Ford's Hill with fields of fire covering the two river crossings: a bridge close to Farmer's Mill and a ford north-west of the village. A second continental brigade may appear later on.

The Crown army is moving to attack in the hope of turning Washington's flank. A Division of Hessians will advance towards the bridge and mill, while a flanking force including British light and grenadier companies has marched around to the west and will approach the ford.

The scenario, while fictional, features aspects of a number of real AWI battles including White Plains/Chatterton's Hill, Brandywine/Chadd's Ford, Hubbardton and Bound Brook.

I won't be able to set this up before the show as it is larger than my usual table, but I'm sure it will all go together OK! :-)


  1. Look forward to popping over and seeing your game Steve.

  2. Looking forwards to seeing the pictures of this. Hope to get a chance to catch up in October.


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