Lauzun's Legion, part 1

First 9 figures done, 9 more on order including lancers. 
I'm pleased with the finished figures, which look a bit better when out of the harsh sunlight, but goodness they are fiddly to paint. This reminds me why I do AWI in 28mm and not Napoleonics. 😀

28mm Perry Miniatures. 



  1. Wonderful painting and impressive photos!

  2. What a beautiful unit. Love them. Incredible colorful. Now that I have done the British Legion I want to do these fellows.

  3. Steve: These look marvelous - however, for some reason I can't enlarge the photos. I think hussars in mirlitons are the bomb! :)

  4. Thea really look impressive - well done!

  5. Superlative painting effort! Now to the questions:
    Will you be doing dismounted figures for the cavalry?
    Will you be doing Lauzan's infantry?
    Was there any artillery attached to this Legion?
    Have you considered doing Lee's Legion?
    Best regards and highest respect for your efforts!

    1. Hi Jerry. No plans for dismounted hussars. I'm sure I'll add the infantry but possibly not for a couple of years. Yes the Legion included artillery. I painted Lee's Legion a few years ago; Foot and Cavalry including a figure conversion of Lee himself. These are on the blog if you search around a bit.

  6. What a fabulous sight!


  7. Great looking figures. I love to do Gloucester Point with Lazun and Tarleton's legion both on the table at the same time. Cavalry on Cavalry action!

  8. Wonderful work, Steve. They do look little b&ggers to paint.


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