Change in blogging activity

Hi all

Due to my preference for blogging on mobile devices, the absence of an official Blogger app and recent problems with a third-party app I have decided to switch most of my routine updating to a facebook page at:

I will continue to use this blog to feature some of my activities but more as an "edited highlights" sort of thing.


  1. Too bad...I am not on Facebook and will lose sight of your wonderful projects.

  2. Me too, I don't do Facebook.

  3. Nor do I. I thought about doing so, but they want WAY too much information they are not entitled to for me to join.

  4. Sad to her, as I also don't use Facebook.
    Your blog is an inspiration for my own AWI project and wargames blog.

  5. I'm assuming you must be on an Apple device then as there is a Blogger app for Android??

    To those commenting about Facebook being a no-no, I'm not sure, but increasingly I am seeing fewer posts these days on the blogs I follow and most of them seem to be going to Facebook - I have signed up recently and was pleasantly surprised, and as for the information Facebook request, do what I did and lie.. no one in their right mind would give a real name, real birthday, or real anything to anyone online.. as a result Facebook thinks I'm a 116... :o)

  6. Me too, I don't do Facebook.



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