My Wargaming Week, 6th January 2017

Oh dear.
In the UK the latest trend is a rather nasty cold virus, and being such a close follower of fashion I have succumbed to its malign influence. I have been struggling along since Boxing Day and have managed to get to work but I'm now rather fed up of the whole thing.

Fortunately I had today booked off to use up some annual leave so can feel sorry for myself with the house empty of family.

Painting has proceeded in fits and starts. I have begun work on the 52nd Foot for Bunker Hill, having received the castings for the final 3 British battalions as part of my Christmas presents. I have also finished 9 of the 10 companies of light infantry for the right flank battalion. The last blister I need of light troops dropped through the letterbox yesterday so the end for that unit is in sight. This is good as it isn't exactly the cheapest formation I have ever put together. The Foundry blisters contain an unhelpful mix of firing/reloading and advancing figures. I don't need many of the latter so each £12 blister only provides 4-5 useful figures...but the finished effect is lovely. Some of the left over figures will appear as part of the "other" flank battalion but I suspect they won't look half as good so I might end up biting the bullet and buying more blisters to get firing line figures in chain helmets - but this means £60 to get a unit of 18 figures completed (and no I don't want to use Warlord plastics instead before anyone asks). The whole point of my 7-8 year plan to build-up my AWI armies is about minimising the compromises so ultimately I will do what gives me the units I am happiest with even if it costs a bit more and takes a bit longer.

Some of the above might get a roll-out at the Cannon show in Retford in April (or I might do a 1777 scenario) and I hope to have the Bunker Hill project pulled together in time for Partizan in May. The hill itself is nearing completion, so I'll need to start on the beach soon.

Today I have been taking photos to accompany an article on the 1777/8 Philadelphia campaign that I have written for the next issue of Wargames Soldiers & Strategy. Some rough shots are shown below:

Not bad for a kitchen table and an iPhone.


  1. Greate pictures of lovely painted minis !!!

  2. Lovely! I have a lot of plans for furthering my AWI collection this year although not as comprehensive as yours and Giles efforts of course, but a respectable turnout when I'm done over the coming years.


  3. That looks like an amazing game, love the miniatures.


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