My Wargaming Week, 28th January 2017

This week I have been mostly painting the battalion companies of the 5th Foot for my Boston 1775 collection. As an understrength unit they are another of those 18-20 figure battalions.


As you can see from the photo I have begun basing using a healthy dollop of PVA which will take a day or two to dry. The GMB flags have been assembled and the Front Rank finials painted and washed. These will be highlighted once the flagpoles are in the hands of the standard bearers. 

The "gosling green" facings of the 5th have been painted with a mix of Vallejo camouflage yellow and Army Painter greenskin. Final highlight was around a 4:1 ratio. This is still a bit more green than the colour of the GMB flag but close to the various illustrations and photographs on line.

I'll now begin prepping the 47th. Yet MORE white facings!


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