My Wargaming Week, 22nd October 2016

Hi all. Painting continues on the British army for Bunker Hill. The 300 men of the 63rd have now been joined by the 38th and 43rd, each around 200 men strong.

These units also consist of spruced-up figures from my collection to which I have added a few freshly painted castings.




These old Perry sculpted Foundry figures are still great to paint.

Next up are the two Marine battalions and these will be followed by additions to my grenadiers and light infantry. The lead pile should have enough figures to fill out these units. I am beginning with the 1st Marines; 20 figures to repaint and 12 to start from scratch. 

Christmas will bring the figures for the 5th, 52nd and 47th Foot. The latter has white facings and silver metal so can combine with the 43rd if I need a larger white-faced unit.

I have also begun construction of a model Breed's Hill. Given the winter weather this is likely to be slow progress but I would hope all of this work will come together in time for Partizan in May 2017.


  1. Really wonderful. Great painting and nice bases. Like the look of your battalions. Looking forward to your Bunker Hill

  2. Wonderful brushwork Steve. I love the old Perry scuplts, they are just so packed with character and stand up well against any newer castings.

  3. Looking good, Steve. I'm very interested to see how your redoubt model progresses.

    Best wishes


  4. Thanks all. Giles, my next post should interest you :-)

  5. Excellent brushwork and the Foundry figures are still first rate. I mix them with the newer Perrys.


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