Royal North Carolina Regiment finished

I have finished this unit:
Although I might need to tweak the buttons to be gold; on the officers at least. Not a huge job and I expect I'll be happier afterwards.

Close ups below:





I have also been doing some long term planning. Some distance around the corner is the 250th anniversary of the AWI. Assuming I begin with Point Pleasant (1774) this is 8 years away. Quite a long time but it makes sense to be organised. My idea is to fill in the gaps in my collection on a year by year basis in line with how I can then stage anniversary games from 2024 onwards. This means that for the rest of 2016 and 2017 the focus will be on painting more native warriors for Point Pleasant and British in warrant uniform for Boston 1775. The Warriors will also then come in useful later in the war. I already have some British suitable for Bunker Hill etc, however these will benefit probably from some re-basing and I'll need to add more battalions. I think I will need to add the 5th foot, two battalions of marines and two more white-faced battalions at least, possibly more if I want to do the relief force sent out in the aftermath of the Lexington/Concord debacle. This will give me a nice focus and an excuse to sort out the painted and unpainted minutemen figures I have lying around too. It also leaves lots of time for other projects. Then in 2018 I'll review what I have for New Yory 1776 and maybe sort myself out some hessian musketeers, Maryland regiment in hunting shirts, etc. No need to over-plan right now; I'll just concentrate on the early war stuff!

Alongside this I also wonder if it is worth slowly putting together a book that will be ready to publish in time for the bi-and a half-centennial in 2025? With that much time I could set up and photograph dioramas for all of the major battles in each year of the war without it being too intense a project so not likely to interfere with work and home life. I also expect that publishing in 8 years time will be even easier than it is now!

In between I'll carry on with my existing other periods and might even dip back into ACW with the new Perry plastic Union infantry box due out soon.



  1. Great faces on these guys. I can almost FEEL the 5-oclock shadow.

  2. I love these guys. Awesome work!

  3. First rate brushwork! You ARE a long range planner!

  4. Lovely job, enjoy your work greatly!


  5. What remarkable impressive characters!! 8о

  6. Incredible details on the close ups, excellent!

  7. Fantastic painting and the bases look great too.
    Do you base for any particular rules?
    I like the idea of having a base with room to spare around the figures which makes each a small diorama.
    I admire your planning style...I'm counting down to retirement in 813 days😄

    1. It's about 5300 days for me Keith. Not that I am counting...but I do get to fight Guilford Courthouse on its 250th anniversary about a fortnight before I hit 60. As I say, I've given it little thought :-)
      I base for my own rules so do more or less whatever looks "right".


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