Royal North Carolina Regiment (1)

This week I have been mostly working on this regiment as part of an overall plan to re present my old Camden demo game from 2002.

I originally painted these for Salute 2002 but the unit needs refreshing if it is to better fit with the current collection.

Below is an "original" figure:

Overall I have been brightening up the paint job and making more of the small clothes white to give a slightly more uniform effect.

The firing figures are about done:


And the bulk of the re-paints are not far behind:


This morning I have block-painted some extra figures who will then get a strong tone ink wash and be painted to match the rest as closely as possible:


Painting the faces to match the "old style" layered method will probably be the biggest challenge.

When finished this will be a 30 figure unit with a separate stand of 2 standard bearers. I'm doing most British and loyalist units with separate flags as they often may not have been carried and it makes it easier to use one unit as a proxy for a number of others. Thus the RNC will be useable as a number of blue-faced loyalist formations.



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