British Legion Infantry


Hi all

You may have noticed a hiatus in posts. Summer holidays, getting back to work and so on all contributed. This has not been helped by the disappearance of the blogger iPhone app. As I take most of my photos using my phone I usually use it for the blogging too. It is a real faff to transfer pics to a laptop and blog from there unless I'm using it for something else anyway.

So I'm trying out an alternative app and we'll see how it goes!

This week I have been painting a new version of the British Legion infantry to replace the unit I painted back in 2001. The new chaps are based on Don Troiani's interpretation. I have mostly used Perry Plastic figures. In most cases British Infantry bodies have been used with Continental arms and caps. The odd figure has a round hat from the British box.

The central figure below is a metal Perry highlander with a plastic hat:


The reloading figure below uses arms from the Perry Napoleonic British Infantry box: does the central figure below:

I am happy with how these have turned out and it is nice to have one or two pretty unique figures as part of the unit.

I'm now refreshing my Royal NC Rgt. This is mostly a sprucing-up of the existing figures followed by rebasing.


  1. Pretty darned good, all round, Steve!

  2. Great looking unit Steve! I love the swap ability of the Perry box sets. Way above the quality of other hard plastic 28mms.
    Cheers, Perer

  3. FYI photo transfer: I use the camera on my IPad and then email them to myself to avoid the whole transfer hassle.

  4. Ooh, I like those! I may have to add those to my project as well..

  5. Love that idea. May give it a go myself.


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