Eckmuhl at The Other Partizan MMXVI (2)

A top day at "TOP" at Newark Showground. We had over 750 people through the door as well as lots of traders and gamers.

I didn't get a long look at other games, so here are a few photos of mine:

1. St Hilaire's Division of Davout's Corps advances:

 2. Same Division from the rear, to show the latest version of my unit markers:
 3. The battlefield viewed from the SouthEast (the terrain honestly looks more colourful "in the flesh"!:
 4. Davout's Corps - St Hilaire and Friant.
 5. Austrians sit on their hill:
 6. Bavarian and French troops prepare to knock the Austrians off their hill:
 7. Pire's brigade of light cavalry acts as Davout's left flank-guard:
 8. An Austrian regiment wonders where the rest of the army has gone:

I managed to play through the entire battle once, and got half-way through a repeat before the end of the day. There seemed to be plenty of interest despite the diminutive nature of the army and it was good to chat to people. David Wright gave me a run-down of the Wurttemberg army of 1809 so after talking with him I went and bought his book:

The Wurttembergers certainly seem an interesting part of the Grande Armee and I'm looking forward to painting them up as part of VIII Corps as I attempt to round-off my 6mm 1809 collection by the end of the year (basically more Bavarians, Rhinebund etc and some Hungarian Insurrectio troops wouldn't go amiss).

Hope anyone who came to the show had a good time, and those who missed it will make the trip next May and/or August. Keep up-to-date at


  1. Were you using Volley and Bayonet?

  2. sorry I missed your game but then we were so busy with our game that I missed everybody's. It was a great day and good way to spend Sunday.

  3. Looks reall;y good Steve - love what yuou have done with the basing and the painting detail in this scale is wonderful.

  4. Smashing stuff! Such wonderful brushwork for the scale.

  5. There is no argument for me. 6mm is simply the best scale for Napoleonic battles. Room to move, believable ranges and units that really look like formations. Love it.

  6. Awesome work mate as always.

  7. Really stunning, Steve - really setting a very high bar with these units. They look fantastic!


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