The Southern Campaign - April 1780

I have kicked off the campaign starting with the February 1780 turn and have so far reached the middle of the April turn.

The British began with their army in Savannah, Georgia. A small garrison was left in place under Colonel Balfour while the army was divided into three columns. Provost's column seized Augusta, while Clinton and Cornwallis besieged Charlestown. April saw General Lincoln surrendering Charlestown and the British detached Colonel Ferguson with a flying column to capture the rebel depot at Camden. Meanwhile Prevost headed north from Augusta to Ninety-six, whose militia defenders (under Sumpter) abandoned the settlement and headed for...Camden. this creates my first table top battle.

Below is the current game situation:

Continental reinforcements stand at Hillsboro awaiting orders while militia drift in and out of the ranks.

Further south we have the area of action
Finally a close-up of the area around Camden, where Sumter's horde of militia have surprised Ferguson's force.
So now there is a battle to fight!


  1. Is this the Against the Odds game? Are you using the full game to generate the battles or just the map and counters? Is it any good? Been tempted by this for a while...

  2. Hi Andy. Yes it is the ATO game. I'm playing it in full but transferring medium sized battles to the tabletop.

  3. Ta. Just bought a copy so will give it a try.

  4. Great campaign idea - will also look into the game. Look forward to future campaign developments.


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