My Wargaming Week, 8th May 2016

This has been a better week for finishing things off.

Firstly I finished the 1st Hessian Grenadier battalion, bringing me up to the three battalions I need for my 1777 scenarios:

I also added 6 jagers to my existing forces:

The following two command stands/vignettes mostly use figures from the Perry interrogation set along with a hessian officer left over from unit building:

Lastly I finished the rebasing of the mounted part of Pulaski's Legion to bring this 15 year old unit closer to my current standards.

Aside from the modelling I have more or less sorted out the map for my Short Hills scenario which will be the basis of my game at Partizan in Newark, Notts in two weeks' time. I just need to fine tune my rules and should be ready to go.


  1. That's an incredible week's work Steve.

  2. Excellent job, love your painting (and photographing...and basing) style...and this grenadiers batallion is amazing!


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