My Wargaming Week, 28th May 2016

Busy week at work this week but I have ground along with my first figures for the 3rd Foot "The Buffs". I'm building the regiment at around a 1:10 ratio for Eutaw Springs so am painting enough for two "wings" of 15 figures plus a command stand. These can also serve as buff faced regiments at 1:20 ratio for larger battles.

Figures are Perry plastics painted with my usual base coat, ink wash, highlight method.

I also played a game to test my rules. The scenario was Hannah's Cowpens. The game took only an hour to achieve a historical-ish result. The militia got a bit chewed up but almost all of the crown cavalry routed as did the light infantry. The 7th foot got captured and in the end the 71st found themselves fighting on their own.


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