My Wargaming Week, 15th May 2016

This week has been full of scenario preparation for Partizan next weekend so there isn't too much to show.

I do need some 12-pounder cannon for next week so finally expanded the artillery park:

First is the Foundry 24-pounder that I bought back around 2000 and finally assembled and painted:

Then two 12-pounders from Front Rank with the long barrel option:

Then two "short" 12-pounders using the optional Front Rank barrels and a couple of spare Foundry 6-pound carriages:
Finally two 1-horse limbers from Front Rank as an economical option to pully Hessian 4-pounders.

I have play tested some rules alterations, begun to write up the Partizan scenario as a magazine article and assembled a box of Perry plastics to become the 3rd Foot and 1st DeLancey's for Eutaw Springs. The 3rd Foot will consist of 6 bases at approximately a 1:10 figure:man ratio, but can then be split to give two buff-faced battalions at 1:20 for the larger battles. I'm fairly certain I'll be doing a Germantown themed game next year so I'm building up both armies steadily.

I'm also still debating about a Wars of the Roses project that the BBC aren't really doing much to dissuade me from at present. Maybe something for the Partizan shopping list?


  1. They look splendid Steve, great job Sir.

  2. Great looking cannon wish I could come to Partizan but not an option next 🙁

  3. Absolutely stunning Steve!


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