My Wargaming Week, 30th January 2015

Hi all

The painting this week has gone OK and I have finished off another Hessian grenadier company while making progress on more figures.

I also finished painting the two chaps below as an artillery command stand. They are actually from the Perry AWI Hesse-Cassel garrison troops command set. I'm pleased with the telescope lens as I've not painted "jewels" etc for a while.

So. Still to finish are the grenadiers of the fusilier regiment Erbprinz and some command stands.

After that I have the figures for another fusilier regiment. I could and perhaps should make this the Knyphausen Rgt as this would give me the right troops for Trenton; however I'm tempted to make them Erbprinz as the rose coloured facings are pretty striking and the silver mitres would be a contrast as fusiliers Lossberg and grenadiers Rall have brass ones.

...and no, I don't fancy doing both right now!

Apart from painting I have arranged a table for an AWI game at Partizan in May. This is likely to feature the Hessians and British attacking the rebels, probably as part of the 1776/77 campaign. It will make a change from the south. My current thinking is a hypothetical mash-up of two battles; Bound Brook and Short Hills, probably taking the former situation but with an OOB more like the latter.

My recent reading on the 1776/7 battles suggests I really need an extra battalion each of British light infantry and British grenadiers. So these could be the next projects.

I might not get much more done this weekend as I'm on call, but should get those Hessians finished by this time next week and maybe even finish the basing.

Toodle pip!


  1. Fantastic work on those figures, very intricate detail.

  2. Beautifully painted - as Guidowg commented - those are some fine sculpts. I want a real grenadier mitre now!

  3. Excellent job Steve, you've inspired me to get back too painting my Hessians.

    Cheers Dan.


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