My Wargaming Week, 16th Jan 2016

Hi all. It has been a quiet week but last weekend I completed the basing on the Lossberg fusiliers. Here is a step-by-step:

First the figures are glued to painted MDF bases along with a few pieces of aquarium gravel:

Watered down PVA is then brushed onto the base and between the figure feet and the wet base is dredged in the mix shown below:

This is a mix of various ground scatters, some fine model ballast, chinchilla sand and some dry powder filler.

Once dry the base looks like this:

Next I glued on some dry grass torn from a mat of the stuff and some pieces of clump foliage:
 And finally I used diluted PVA to stick on patches of static grass:

The finished effect:

During the rest of the week I have started a couple of hessian grenadier bases, two guns and crews and a couple of extra command figures. I'm just blocking in the main colours at present on the figures and the guns are coming on well, just needing some washes and highlights on their barrels.

I might try a game in the garage, but this is temperature dependent. I'd like to try something based on Bound Brook.



  1. Creating the perfect mix of ground texture is key. Yours has nice color variation in addition to size variation. Nicely done.

  2. Nice tip on the ground basing... generally use a 'paint' but that's a good idea to get a mix together - I'll give that a go for sure!
    Cheers :)


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