Perryville (3)

The noose tightens around Perryville but the Confederates still have plentiful artillery and a couple of strong, veteran brigades. Cavalry skirmish east of the river (bottom of map):
No one wants to overcommit at this stage and the situation is finely balanced:
I corps moves in from the north (left) to close the encirclement:
...and a couple of II corps brigades cross the river to drive into Perryville from the east:
Endgame. The Confederates smash a hole in the ring allowing them to disengage on the last turn of the game. They are however now moving west which is away from their supply lines.

Although the Confederates are narrowly ahead on victory points (21/19) I put this down as a marginal Union victory given the tactical situation above. Both sides have taken heavy losses as in the real battle but in this case the Union have achieved a much better battlefield position.

In the next post, a summary of the game and some comments on its design.