Painting again

After a few months without picking up a paintbrush I have cracked on with a few more AWI fusiliers. 

Good to be back in the saddle.


  1. lovely stuff Steve, welcome back ! I have adopted your style using the wash, fairly happy with the results but not 100% happy with the white trousers, they seem to look a bit dirty I guess the trick is to give them a few coats of white and leave very little shade in the creases? I want to get it right as I will be getting a load of Perry French at Warfare !!



  2. Hi Dave. For the white clothing, I repaint a pale grey colour over the top of the wash and then highlight with white. So really these areas aren't "washed", but this method is generally easier than trying to just apply the wash in some areas and not others.
    I agree that white clothes look dirty if you use the wash method.
    White belts are not repainted in grey and this helps to differentiate them from clothing.


  3. Thanks Steve, that makes sense, will give it a go !

  4. Steve,

    I stumbled upon your blog while viewing Giles' posts on loyalists. In doign so I became fascinated with your basing technique. I did a brief search through your blog and I didn't come across any tutorials you might have posted beyond some brief comments about your mix of materials, so have you any? If not, would you be willing to offer some step-by-step instructions? Or, even better, a Youtube video?

    Thanks for even considering, and thank you for posting some great inspirational shots.

    Warmest regards,


  5. Hi Greg. As I'm about to base up the fusliers and try and take some shots as I go along and put them in next weekend's blog post.


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