AWI painting pics (1)

I thought I'd put up some posts showing my progress with a couple of Hessian officers who will be joining my fusilier regiment currently on the go. Both are Perry figures.

White undercoat with Army Painter white spray.
Block painting of the basic colours
Wash with Army Painter strong tone ink, taking excess off the faces:
Wash faces with GW Reiksland Fleshshade and muskets/hats/scabbards/gorgets with GW Nuln Oil.

It took about 50 minutes of work to reach this stage with two figures.


  1. Hi Steve, they look good. Do you always undercoat in white? I've been doing mine with black and then painting the whites over a light grey undercoat.

  2. Hi McBeth. Yes, for the "wash" method I now undercoat in white. Sometimes, if the figure is predominantly a particular colour I might undercoat with that (AWI figures in hunting shirts might get a beige undercoat) but I stick to pale colours.
    The next blog entry shows how I deal with white clothes. Like you, I find a pale grey makes the best base colour.


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