A river and a hill (3)

After a busy week at work I have now finished off this battle.

At the south bridge, the jagers and British Legion have fallen back but rallied-off their disorder

...while the provincial light infantry defend their bank of the river, keeping the Massachusetts continentals from crossing.

At the north bridge the 64th are pressing ahead with the 33rd in support with a section of 6-pdr artillery:

But the 64th march into a storm of artillery fire and musketry and soon find themselves hugging the river bank and trying to regain order:

The 33rd take up the advance, but both they and their continental opponents fall back from the results of the ensuing melee:

The south bridge becomes something of a stalemate:

and the rebels have little left in reserve to hold that hill:

The British at the north bridge need time to recover:

Southern stalemate continues

Finally the continentals in the north take enough damage to fall back and are followed up by the 17th Light Dragoons...

...and the provincial cavalry takes the opportunity to charge an isolated continental artillery section, risking the cannister fire.

The cavalry are victorious! The 17th actually broke through the infantry to hit the reforming 3rd Continental LD too. The provincials destroyed the guns but their breakthrough bounced-off some Virginians on the hill.

The virginia light infantry are left looking a bit lonely, as a Continental regiment routs in the distance.
 Back at the southern bridge the NY continentals will have to fall back or become cut-off, while the British Legion infantry hold firm.

 A narrow British victory, but it could have gone either way...


  1. Beautiful game and great action. Bold cavalry move to take out a gun.

  2. Lucky cavalry when the gun rolled a "1"...

  3. What a nice looking battle...beautiful armies!

  4. Excellent pictures. Just starting the period myself. Going to start by painting the Brits up first


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