A river and a hill (1)

After a busy summer I have finally made it back into the garage!

I'm working on a new scenario idea for one of my Miniature Wargames articles. This one combines a river crossing with an assault on a hill.

The set up features a couple of continental army brigades defending. The front line brigade has to cover two bridges with an infantry regiment, two small rifle battalions and a 6-pounder section. In reserve on the hill are two continental regiments, a small unit of light infantry, a further 6-pounder section and the 3rd continental light dragoons.

The initial attackers are a brigade of provincials (2 regiments) supported by jagers and two 6-pounder sections. They are tasked with getting one unit across the river in order to release their reinforcements.

After the first few turns the jagers and Britsh legion infantry are concentrating on the southern bridge while the Volunteers of Ireland head north to cover the flank. The supporting artillery split their fire between the continental artillery and infantry. The rebels concentrate on maintaining a steady fire.
The reserve brigade hold firm on the hill.

The provincials accumulate damage and disorder

Eventually the crown units' shooting breaks the rebel resolve and the defending units withdraw

The heroic jagers seize the opportunity to race across the southern bridge

And the British reinforcements arrive.

The reinforcements consist of the 33rd and 64th, provincial light companies, a troop of provincial light dragoons and a troop of the 17th light dragoons. How will they fare?


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  2. When I first read this through bleary eyes I thought the title was a river and a milf!

    Very nice though

  3. great game, magnificent countryside and beautiful miniatures


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