A Polish River and a Polish Hill (3)

The German columns raced towards the river. A great deal of firepower was directed at the bunker to keep the occupants' heads down. This was not quite enough however as a killing shot did for one of the Panzers...
...and a brave Polish infantry squad threw itself from the woods to assault and overcome the second. A panzerless blitzkrieg!
Things were less dramatic at the south bridge as the platoon debussed.
The action in the north continued apace with German infantry pinned down on the bridge by small arms and light mortar fire.
However the Germans stuck to the task and wiped out two Polish squads, securing the route to advance into the northern woods. They also brought up their AT gun to be prepared. The bunker has recovered from a series of pinning results however...
In the south things could be ready to rumble too.

I doubt now that the Germans have the resources to win but it's worth pushing on for a few more turns.


  1. Enjoyed it so far , out of interest what rules are you using ?

  2. Great looking table and interesting BatRep.

  3. Nice AAR. Like the scenery a great deal. Polish campaign is much overlooked.

  4. Thanks!
    Matt, I'm using Five Core Company Commander.

  5. Very nice batrep and fantastic pictures, love your splendid river as well...


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