A Polish River and a Polish Hill (2)

After a brisk firefight in which both sides lost three squads and the Germans also lost their 75mm infantry gun, the attacking Heer moved forwards on their right towards the south bridge.

The weakened defenders were unable to prevent them from crossing the bridge to remove the roadblock.

Having crossed the bridge the Germans could now bring on their reinforcements.

One platoon advances on the south bridge accompanied by an armoured car.

The other reinforcing platoon moves on the north bridge with two Pz38t tanks.

But across the north bridge there still remains a couple of Polish squads, a light mortar and a bunker housing an antitank gun...

Have the Germans blundered?


  1. I wouldn't fancy assaulting the bunker, wonder how the Germans will cope ?

  2. Outstanding, what rules are these? Home-grown?


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