Freeman's Farmish (3)

Back to the garage...

Time has moved on a little. Here is a shot up the line from the British left. A clearer battle line is forming with the two sides exchanging volleys. The redcoats seem to be slightly gaining the upper-hand now that the elite troops on the right are coming into action. The two sections of artillery on the left are proving useful too.

Moving along the rebel line from left wing to right:

The left- wing troops have taken hits and been forced back. The Indians have moved back into the woods and the British light infantry companies are adding to the pressure.

More of the left wing. The brown coated regiment has taken five hits and really needs some urgent rallying before the redcoats catch up.

In the centre the newly arrived brigade has manoevered in to place but has already started to accumulate casualties and disruption.

Morgan's brigade still holds the right with high quality light troops. Out of picture the British artillery are creeping closer but the highlanders have fallen back. (See the first picture). This may be an opportunity for Morgan to counterattack!