Last of the Mohicans

I spent this morning at the compact and bijou "Last of the Mohicans" show in Owthorpe village.

The venue was the village hall:

...and the organiser is chum Shaun McLaughlin of "The Bunker", who can be seen below encouraging the unsuspecting to have a rummage in his boxes.

There were a small number of games at the show, all available for participation.

7-TV game featuring a rebranded Thunderbird-2

An "Old West" game

"Dead Man's Hand" featuring bushwackers

There were demonstrations including painting and sculpting

And pride of place was Shaun's own "Last of the Mohicans" game featuring the native ambush of the British wagon train retreating from Fort William Henry.

All in all, a great little show to fill a spare Sunday and catch up with friends old and new.


  1. Great pics, love the "Dead Man's Hand"'s figures...

  2. Cool looking games and venue. Besides the F&IW game, the repainted Thunderbird looked awesome.


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