Guilford Courthouse at Salute 2015 - Gallery

Some photos of the game, some are better than others, but it was a busy day!

The Crown army prepares to advance:

The centre of the line, with a 6-pdr section firing on the rebels:

Another view of the Crown forces with the 71st closest to the camera

 Carolina militia of the first line await the onslaught:

The rebel left is secured by Lee's legion

Regiment von Bose moves forward supported by 1st Guards battalion:

The 71st advance:

The Royal Artillery limber-up:

Close-up of the Guards:

The Virginia militia of the second-line:

von Bose, still going:

Officer of 17th Light Dragoons attached to Tarleton's British Legion.

1st Maryland form as part of the third line:

A Virgina continental and friend:

General Greene keeps his finger crossed:

More continentals:

Militia light horse:

The continentals of the third-line:

A view from behind the rebel lines, with a view of the courthouse and ordinary (inn)

The Crown army centre:

33rd Foot

Virginia militia provide a rallying point for the carolinians

23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers move to support the 33rd:

Royal Artillery with dragrope men from the 33rd.

Cornwallis stays cool:

Von Bose negotiate some fences:

British Legion move to support the von Bose and 1st Guards

The Virginia milita are difficult to move:

...and Lee's legion come up in support:

General Butler:

Camp life: "You are stirring that wrong":

Greene's HQ:

The last Carolina militia seek the cover of the continentals:

Singleton's section of artillery makes it back to the safety of the third line:

The Crown army ran out of steam and a rebel victory was declared.

...and the game won the "Best Painting Award" this is also the "Bill Brewer" award and as such is the best thing to win as Bill really set the standard back in the day.

Thanks to everyone who helped or stopped by.

More on Scrivsland.

Next year we are promised a Verdun extravaganza by James and Scrivs so I get 2 years to plan my next game...



  1. Beautiful game, Steve. Every shot looks like a fine painting. Well done!

  2. The awards were truly well deserved. It was an absolutely superb demonstration of wargaming!

  3. It all looks amazing Steve, and congratulations on the award. A shame the Loyalists lost again though!

  4. That is truly an impressive table - a big congratulations on winning the Prize!

  5. Just superb in every sense.
    Is there anywhere on your blog where you have explained
    (a) the basing system used - size and number of figures
    (b) any adaptations to the rules ?
    Any advice much appreciated
    Jon M

  6. What a fantastic looking game. Well done indeed.

  7. Congratulations and a fantastic looking table!


  8. Excellent game although I was only able to see it fairly late in the show.

  9. Congratulation !

    Well deserved it was a lovely lookin game even as I only had a short look of it passing by.

    Best regards Michael

  10. Simply amazing to look at! All those hours and a rich payoff. Well done on your well earned prize!

  11. Brilliant photos, Steve. The game was terrific and it was good to chat at last.

    Best wishes


  12. Looks fantastic and a shame I didnt get to stop by and have an actual look at the show.


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