Counting down to Salute 2015

This time next week we will be busy with our Guilford Courthouse demonstration game at Salute at the ExCel centre in big London.

If you want to pop-by and see the game & have a chat we will be on stand

So, turn right just after you come in through the main entrance and we are next to chum Rob Broom's Scarab Miniatures/War and Conquest Samurai game.

When I first arranged the game I had planned to use the Black Powder rules but have since changed my mind and will be using a home-brew set. I'll still be delighted to discuss Black Powder, Rebellion! and AWI games in general though.


  1. Have a great day! Sorry I can't be with you :-(

  2. Good luck with the game! I hopa i get some time of to get by an have a look.

    Best regards Michael

  3. Thanks Lau, sorry you can't be there. If your plans change then let me know as we have spare accommodation and ticket.

    Michael, I hope to see you at the show. i have your game marked on my map of the show and will try to stop by!



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