Happy New Year

Hi all

Posts have been sporadic lately, largely because I've not been doing much wargaming "stuff".
I have been planning out my projects for the next few months and they boil down to these:

  1. Get everything ready for the Guilford Courthouse Black Powder game at Salute in April. I have just ordered the last couple of buildings I need. Ideally I'd like to get a couple of hills made and I do need to refresh and rebase my militia as well as add in some new command stands. There's also the need to get display materials made and organise the support crew. Fortunately James, Scrivs, etc know the ropes and it is pretty much the same gang as Keren last year and Dux Bellorum in 2013.
  2. Chain of Command for my WW1 British and Turks. Not sure how this will work out but I'm going to give it a go. I need to do something with the collection so if CoC doesn't work I'll scout around for something else.
  3. 6mm Napoleonics. Time to refresh the rules. I have spent time thinking about how to get the "squares" rules to better represent cavalry and I think this will just boil down to them only needing one action (not two) to initiate an assault OR give them one extra move when assaulting OR both. But I need to playtest these.
Now, there are lots of other things competing for interest (hello WW2 15mm and 28mm Late Romans), but I think I'l try to stick to the ones above for now, at least until Salute is out of the way. The AWI might get a rest then, or I might begin the expansion into Hessians and/or French.



  1. Good luck for 2015 Steve - we'll look out for you at Salute ;)

  2. Steve,
    Good luck with those plans. Looking forward to seeing the game at Salute (assuming Jenny and I make it along this year!)
    Also, particularly interested in how WW1 CoC goes with British and Turks as this is something I'd really like to get in to!

  3. Sounds good! I hope to get along to Salute this year, so hopefully I'll see you all there.

    I'll also be very interested to hear how you get on with CoC for WW1 as I have a few British models for the Middle East theatre and CoC is very popular at our club... Might be an excuse to get some more of them painted...

  4. Sounds good :) Best of luck!
    Personally, I'm interested to hear more regarding the 6mm Naps stuff when you get to it!

  5. Happy 2015 to you too, Steve!


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