Knights WIP

Here are five of the six knights needed for a Lion Rampant unit. They are Gripping Beast castings recycled from my abandoned crusades project and they fit well for the reign of King John. This achieves a number of aims: keeping down costs, finding a medieval army with the "look" I wanted with lots of heater shields and allowing a welsh element to any expansion as Llewelyn the Great was active at this time.
The knights are painted in the colours of Northampton RFC so expect to see dastardly enemies in the livery of Leicester in the future. I hope to get all six of these finished this week then to make a start on some infantry.


  1. Impressive! Nice color scheme.


  2. My local team - great idea Steve!

  3. Very good start of your Lion Rampant project Steve!

    Nice to see such many blogers starting up their Lion Rampant hoasts, hope you like the rules.

    Best regards Michael

  4. Genius - the arms of the local team! I'll pinch that idea for the future.

  5. Very nice. Nice use of team colours too!


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