Warlord Games Day - Battle of Hobkirk's Hill game

It was Warlord Games open day in Nottingham yesterday.
I ran a Black Powder scenario based on the AWI battle of Hobkirk's Hill which Laurence and I managed to get through three times.

The venue was not great for photography as it was quite dark, but I have done the best I can with the shots I took.

The scenario proved to be more even than I expected and I will write it up for the Warlord website as a sort of bonus addition to the Rebellion! supplement.

The rebel defensive line atop Hobkirk's Hill:
 The Crown forces move forward:

 The rebel left flank under threat from the 63rd Foot:
 The militia sort of supporting the Maryland line:
 The rebel right flank swings around the threaten the crown army:
 1st Maryland, exhausted and brittle:
 Crown centre, Vols of Ireland, SC Royalists and RA 6 pound section:

 Rawdon encourages his right flank to attack


  1. That does look rather good Steve. Looking forwards to reading the book when I get back.

  2. That looks like a cracking game Steve.

  3. Fabulous stuff Steve. I don't think the lighting is that bad at all as the pics have come out pretty damn good!

    Can't wait until Partizan to see your game- though I've got Claymore first. Be great to catch up with everyone :>)


  4. Looks terrific, Steve. Good to see the whle emsemble come together, so to speak.

    Best wishes


  5. It was a lovely looking game (again) just sorry I didn't get a chance to partake.


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