New York Volunteers

New York Volunteers serving in the south. Report suggest either buff or blue facings; possibly they changed at some point. I have enough blue-faced loyalists so opted for buff for aesthetic reasons.

Figures are Perry plastic continentals with British hats. The flag is hand painted onto paper and the pole & finial are the plastic ones.

A part of the regiment served mounted as dragoons in the south under major Coffin. I have nearly finished these so photos soon. To make them multi purpose they have blue facings; assuming that they received new uniforms first.


  1. wow very nice. What size are the bases?

  2. I like your results! Perhaps, I should give the Perry plastics a try?

  3. Great figures Steve - love your Loyalist units you've been adding.

  4. Thanks, all.

    Flags of War, the bases are 60mm wide and 50mm deep


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