Volunteers of Ireland and more

Here are the latest completed bits and bobs.

First is the Volunteers of Ireland. Lord Rawdon's provincial unit composed of Irish deserters from the rebel army. Notable actions include Camden and Hobkirk's Hill. These Perry figures painted up more easily than I expected, although painting the cap badges was a wee bit of a chore as it had to be done freehand and there are 30 of the blighters!

Here is a close-up of the flags. The design is conjectural but the harp seemed to fit the Irish theme. The harp, scrolls and lettering were painted freehand, the rest was printed and painted over.

 Next are a couple of bases of flankers (light infantry of grenadiers) from the 71st Foot. These can form part of composite battalions or be used to bulk out the regular battalions of the 71st.
Here is a close-up of one of the highlanders. The painting looks a bit rough on very close inspection but that is the nature of the beast. From regular distances things look OK. Please do note the slightly obsessive highlighting on the chequered hat band.

Lastly, the fully based light companies to form composite units and/or piquets for the British army in the southern colonies. Two bases of British regular light infantry and one base of provincials in natty helmets.

Now to press on with the NY Volunteers for Hobkirk's Hill...


  1. They all look great - and as far as close ups that are way more magnified than could ever be using the naked eye, I know they look great in person too.

  2. Lovely work on those - great AWI collection - am enjoying the new additions (and thinking I need to do some more myself!)

  3. Fantastic work again. Looking forwards to our next game with these.


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