On the way...

Still beavering away.

Close to completion (painted and mainly based) are:

Volunteers of Ireland (30 figs)
71st Foot flankers (8 figs)

Next to paint are some more plastic continentals done as loyalists with floppy hats from the British box.
These will be the NY Volunteers (18 figures). Red coats with buff facings.

I have just ordered some Perry 4th dragoons to paint as loyalist NY dragoons and some militia to paint as Carolina loyalists. This should round off my Crown army for Hobkirk's Hill.

After that there is a decision. To build up towards Eutaw Springs or towards Gloucester Point & Yorktown? Eventually I'll do both anyway. Currently I'm leaning towards doing some French, so Yorktown would fit, but then again any excuse to paint the Buffs would be welcome, and Eutaw would round off Greene's southern battles.

Then again, finishing those 15mm Germans for CoC could be a plan too...

Don't forget I'll be gaming at Partizan in the Park on 1st June and at The Other Partizan in the autumn. I've also planned a game for the Warlord open day in July. All will be 28mm AWI games.


  1. KINGS MT MINIS19 May 2014 at 08:27

    Steve My figures were specifically made for the War in the South.
    Give them a try.
    The OMM are here as are the Continentals and Dismounted Dragoons.

    I very much admire your work and would love to see what you could do to my castings....Bill

  2. Thanks Bill. To be honest I haven't much use for the OMM at the moment (I'll get round to them eventually) but I'm looking forward to seeing the continentals.



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