Salute 2014 - Battle of Keren

Hi all, here are some shots of our game at Salute yesterday.
It was a very long day but rewarding as our game seemed to be surrounded all day be people interested in learning more about the East African campaign in 1940-41 and how James constructed the mighty mountain for the game.

Well done to all those involved in putting this together. I was fortunate in only having to roll some dice and generally man the game from time to time.

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The sign:

 The communications hut blasting the Italians with propoganda and opera
 The gang and the mountain
 Tom's cake...nom, nom, nom.
 A hard slog uphill
 Italian sniper awaits his next target
 The fort's defenders

 The next wave prepare to ascend
 A Wellesley observes the action
 Nearing the top:
 "OK chaps, prepare to advance"
 Attackers emerge from the smoke

 More reinforcements
 It's a looong way to the top
 Keep going
 More speakers being brought up...
 HMG, nice!
 Still climbing...
 Still climbing...
 Still climbing...
 "Come on, chaps!"
 The defenders await.

 Made it! The first attackers gain a foothold in the fort
 Italian reinforcements, too little too late?
 Clinging on

It was a great day and the show looked really busy for a lot of the time so hopefully the traders had a good time too.

Even the traffic was reasonable on the way home.


  1. Fantastic, a labor of love that shines bright! I need to read about this engagement.

  2. impressive looking game !

    the terrain are very special and looks fantastic !

    Best regards Michael


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