Weitzell's Mill AAR

Here is a report of yesterday's battle to accompany the photos in my previous post.

The Battlefield:

The battlefield was an 8'x6' board with the Reedy Fork Creek winding its way from the north west to the south east corners. There were three fords; the western ford just as the creek entered the table and the horse ford just as it left with the main ford about 2/3 of the way from the former to the latter.

The main road entered at the south west corner where it passed through an extensive wood including a ridge, before dividing. These two roads crossed the main and horse fords before heading to the north east where they again met up. South of the creek were the aforementioned woods and a hill overlooking an open area of pasture towards the main ford. On the north side of the creek were further areas of woods. North of the main ford two hills flanked the exit from the creek and the defence was further enhanced by a small house. Adjacent to the horse ford stood Weitzell's Mill itself and north of this was Weitzell's farm.


The rebels deployed their regular infantry of continentals and Lee's Legion north of the creek on the two hills. They were supported by Campbell's 60 riflemen.
The horse ford was defended by a unit comprised of assorted militia companies.
Colonel Preston commanded his own rifle battalion and other detachments of similar infantry to form a rearguard on the wooded ridge to the south west. In the pasture beyond the wood; south of the main ford were the dragoons of Lee and William Washington.

The Battle.

The Crown forces entered from the south west forming a first line of the 33rd, 23rd and Jagers to engage Preston's rearguard. The Von Bose and 1/71st acted in support while tarleton's dragoons awaited events and artillery slowly moved-up.

The fight for the ridge was eventful with the jagers breaking and the 23rd Fusiliers taking significant losses before the line of riflemen gave way. The 33rd and Tarleton's dragoons poured through the woods close to the creek while the 71st and Von Bose advanced more carefully to the South.

A series of cavalry skirmishes saw Washingtons dragoons rout and Lees dragoons retreat over the horse ford, however Tarleton was unable to capture the main ford due to hits suffered and his horsemen were in turn routed by concentrated musketry from the continentals who had also seen-off a flanking manoeuvre across the western ford by the light company of the Guards.

The 33rd were thrown at the main ford and the 71st & Von Bose at the horse ford but neither could make progress against some firm defence.

This allowed the continentals and the baggage to escape the battlefield and we awarded the rebels the victory.