Cannon, Retford, 30th March 2014

On Sunday I shall be demonstrating a wargame concerning the Battle of Weitzell's Mill, a large skirmish preceding the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. I'll be using Black Powder as the rules.

The battle sees the Light Division of General Greene's rebel army isolated and faced with the advancing troops of Cornwallis's veteran redcoats, Tarleton's British Legion and the von Bose hessian regiment.

This is one of my favourite AWI battles to get onto the tabletop, either as a straight historical refight or including a number of "what ifs". You get to use most of the same Crown army as for Guilford Courthouse (the Guards didn't quite make it in time) facing the elite of Greene's infantry, all the rifles in the world and just enough militia to be interesting. And a river. And three fords. And a farm. And elephants!

OK, I lied about the elephants.

Hope some of you can make it to Retford. I'll try and take photos for those who can't.

Cannon 2014 page here



  1. Steve,
    Looking forward to seeing the game. Bringing my trade stand but will enjoy the show I'm sure


    Check out the Highlanders made especially for Guilford and the Over Mountain Men with seperate heads.


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