Assorted rebels

I have finished off the final units for next Sunday's Weitzell's Mill scenario:

These are various types of rifle and militia:
Looking at specific units.

Campbell's riflemen, a tiny unit of average quality.

I have combined the militia companies into a single unit: is a better look at the flag. The motto is something of a private joke rather than anything deliberately historical but it seems to work, "Phooey To King George" :-).

A unit of rifle armed militia:

Lastly, three units of riflemen of slightly better quality than the militia to form the bulk of the rearguard and delay the Crown forces.

Hope you like them!

Figures are mostly Perry Miniatures riflemen and militia with a few officers from the older Foundry range. Mainly the officers are Foundry standard bearer figures holding spare muskets/rifles from the bits box. The officer of the militia rifles is a Foundry artillery officer.


  1. Nicely done - "Phoeey King George" is, indeed, a proper sentiment!

  2. Quite nice! Very well painted, and they have the right feel to them.

    Who's figures are they?

  3. Very nice work - love the multi-basing too. Best, Dean

  4. Great looking units, love the diversty of the poses and your work on the bases...

  5. Great looking models.... love the work on the bases.

  6. Fantastic painting and basing as ever Steve.

    Are these chaps warming up for Salute? Sadly I won't be down there this year unless there's a sudden windfall lol :>)


  7. Beautifully done, Steve.

    Best wishes



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