Artillery weekender

Having to use up the last of my annual leave I took Friday off to get on with some AWI artillery and some river boards to add to the scenery collection.

The boards are progressing well and the decent weather over the weekend helped to dry the various layers of paint. Still lots of PVA and varnish to apply but I feel I'm getting somewhere. These will be the subject of a "how to" article is WSS at some future date.

The artillery was the usual frustration but in the end came out quite nicely. These are the 6-pounders with British crews in southern uniforms. I managed to finish a firing gun and a loading one as well as two limbered versions. I've also started on a 3-pounder from the old Foundry range. For crew I will stretch the 6-pounder crews out with some spare "light infantry in roundabouts and in cocked hats" from Foundry, painted in Royal Artillery uniforms, I also have a spare gunner from an ammo wagon model. The 3-pounder is also being done in limbered and unlimbered versions. This does mean extra painting but really this is likely to be all the artillery the British will need. For the woodwork I used a 50/50 mix of Vallejo pastel blue and neutral grey.

I also started to renovate and rebase the AWI rebel commanders. I just need to finish a mounted rifleman to fill out General Greene's base.

After all that will be some new militia and possibly a handful of extra riflemen.