Rebel light infantry

Just some quick shots of two units ready to take to the field.

Firstly is my take on the foot component of Lee's Legion. Accounts of how this unit may have appeared are sparse so I have made similar assumptions as I did for the mounted element. The cavalry are in green because they were confused at times with the British Legion who wore green. I have given the infantry a similar appearance, using the figures specifically made by the Perry twins, but avoiding the lilac "romper suit" effect. As at least one account mentions a blue uniform faced red, I have included one officer figure so dressed. As with the cavalry I have chucked in a few figures in hunting shirts (riflemen in this case).

The second unit is not new but is re-based and represents Kirkwood's Delaware infantry as they may have appeared at Guilford Courthouse. These men were the remnants of the superb Delaware regiment that marched south with the Maryland Line in 1780 to be destroyed at Camden. They were used in Greene's army to supplement William Washington's dragoons as a sort of ad-hoc legion.


  1. Not my period, but they have painted up beautifully!

  2. Very nice work Steve. Great looking regiments.


  3. Superb brushwork on these AWI guys. Best, Dean

  4. They are very nice!
    cheers Steve

  5. Very nice indeed - not helping me resist getting into the period though! :)

  6. Cracking stuff, Steve. Really hope you put on an AWI game at Salute.

    Best wishes


  7. Thanks all.

    Giles, the AWI game will be in 2015. This year I'm helping James with his spectacular WW2 Keren game.

    Planning for 2015 has already begun, however...


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