New AWI painting

Well Christmas certainly disrupts the painting mojo doesn't it?

Nevertheless, despite a lack of blogging I have managed to get some painting done.

Here are some dismounted dragoons of the 2nd Continental. Most are conversions that I actually did the modelling work on several years ago. As soon as I actually started painting them, the Perry twins announced they will be releasing the real thing...

Here is a generic heroine, suitable for being kidnapped, rescued or just hanging around the edge of the battle. The figure, especially the fan looks better in real life, honest!

Yet another of the Additional Continental Regiments, this time it is Colonel Lee's boys

...and here is a newly painted general to provide some much needed rebel leadership.

Lastly, another of those interesting civilian types to add interest to the battlefield.


  1. Fantastic AWI figures - including the civilian. Excellent examples of uniform color variations of American troops. Your mounted officer has inspired me to try and paint up some myself. Best, Dean

  2. Yes, I like the mix of uniforms as well. Will there be any mounted cavalry?

  3. Just lovely to look at! Great work and I think the Ms does look very fine.

  4. That general is particularly splendid amongst an outstanding bunch!

  5. That's some extremely nice painting!


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