2013 Post match summary and plans for 2014

Hi all

To misquote The Cranberries; Everyone else is doing it so why shouldn't I?

2013 was a great year, with me moving to a better job which although a longer commute has left me more motivated to get some painting done.

The earlier part of the year saw me re-vamping my Arthurian and Late Roman 28mm collection for the Dux Bellorum rules published by Osprey. I also constructed a useful hill-fort to feature in (or at the edge of) my games. This culminated in a couple of games at Salute in April which won an award. I do have spare figures to produce a vaguely gothic army to take on the Romans if the ancients bug should bite in the near future.

Summertime was dominated by 15mm WW2. I had a go at cobbling together some rules and refreshed my early war German and Polish armies (on element bases for the infantry) while also completing a late-war US company (on individual bases). I still need to complete the late-war German infantry. I also purchased a village-worth of 4-Ground ruined buildings which will allow for some interesting and attractive scenarios.

Lately I have been expanding my AWI 28mm armies. This has been largely done by taking stuff from the lead pile, supplemented with a few new command figures. I have painted two 30-figure continental units and a 12-figure dismounted dragoon unit (all converted figures) and have a third continental unit on the painting table that is about 2/3 completed.

I've not done much over Christmas, but hope to get back to the painting desk from next week.

Looking forward to 2014, I'm not planning any major purchases or new periods as I have plenty of ongoing stuff to work on, and a new car to pay for!

Gaming-wise I'm helping chum James Morris with his WW2 28mm Battle of Keren game at Salute in April. I expect much of the gaming time between now and then will be related to fine-tuning this. In the meantime the AWI painting can continue and I might even get those late war WW2 Germans finished.

Afterwards I'd like to re-visit my 6mm napoleonics and maybe finish off the 1809 Bavarians and Confederation of the Rhine troops. I did have a long-term plan for a 6mm Waterloo in 2015 for Salute, but the more I think of painting all those Prussians the more I think this might be scratching an itch I don't actually have. When I did the Wagram game in 2009 it was because of an abiding interest in the 1809 campaign and a real desire to paint up the forces. When in comes to 1815 I like Wellington's army but have absolutely no interest in the Prussians and never have. I suppose I could do Quatre Bras, a battle I have refought many times with board and computer games....

...I do think however that Salute in 2015 might have a glut of Walerloo/napoleonics and it might be good to do something different. The AWI stuff hasn't had a major outing for a few years so maybe I should go down this route. With the Perry Continentals likely to appear sometime in the year this might dovetail nicely. It would also not involve a great deal of effort in painting new figures or producing more scenery, as my collection is already pretty extensive.

One thing I WILL do is write an article for WSS on how I customise TSS terrain boards. I have posted some blog articles on this but Guy Bowers has been keen for a more complete guide for the magazine. The plan is to convert some plain boards into ones with rivers and all the usual treatment I give my boards. Expect to see this progressing as soon as the weather gets a bit drier. I also hope to get a few other articles done for WSS and MWwBG if I can just find some inspiration.

Later in the year I expect to see publication of a book I wrote the manuscript for a while back. This will be my first title as a solo author and I'm really hoping that it all comes off.

So in summary, 2014 should see:

  • more AWI
  • WW2 15mm late war German infantry
  • 6mm 1809 Bavarians etc and 1815 Allies for Quatre Bras
  • articles
  • a book
  • James's spectacular Keren game at Salute

There's bound to be other stuff too..



  1. Sounds like a promising year, looking forward to seeing more AWI and the 6mm Napoleonics. I definitely can't miss Partizan again this year, that sounds like a superb game - being in Farndon I have no excuse. Happy new year sir and all the best for 2014

  2. Happy New Year Steve !!!

    Best regards Michael


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