Sherburne's Additional Regiment

Inspired by the WI spread on Bill Gaskin's AWI collection I thought I'd add a new unit to my armies.
I originally painted a version of this regiment way back when the Foundry range first came out but they later were converted into the 6th Maryland for my Camden game.

So, starting from scratch here is a brand new version. Like Bill's unit it has a mix of uniformed and hunting shirt figures (and some in civilian dress), and no lace on the hats. Figures are a mix of Perry and Foundry. The wooden box is from Ainsty. The bases are from Warbases (they do them with rounded corners now!). The pieces of fence are made from a barbecue skewer.

First is the traditional view of the front of the unit:

Then the general's view from the rear:

A close up of the command stand. The flag is hand-painted. The finial is from Front Rank
 A view of the firing line:
Hope you enjoy!


  1. Great stuff Steve, you have been due an update and you nailed it with this one.

  2. Absolutely love the way the colour binds the unit together. Bases are none too shabby, either!

  3. Stunning work !!!

    I realy like the basas you use with the rounded corners. are they from warbases?

  4. Great looking unit especially the basing!


  5. Fantastic paintjob and basing, a great work you've done!


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