Actions at Twin Farms

As a test of my WW2 house rules I set up a scenario based on the "Action at Twin Farms" from Charles Grant's Battle!: Practical Wargaming.

As defenders I had my 1939 Poles with three rifle groups an officer, two HMGs and an ATR team. Opposing them were the men of a German platoon who had six rifle teams, two LMG teams and a light mortar as well as an officer and two NCOs. These were all mounted in trucks

On the first play-through the Germans got shot up quite badly my some accurate HMG fire and lost both LMG teams almost immediately. After this it was hard going despite the best efforts of the mortar. The attackers made it half way up the table but a lucky round of Polish shooting saw half of them routing to the baseline.

This seemed about right as I don't think the attackers should do well in this scenario.

For the second play-through I added an armoured car and a Panzer II to the German force and a 37mm AT gun to the Poles. Overall the result was similar but I think this is the basis of an interesting scenario. I think swapping the Polish HMGs for LMGs instead could be pretty significant.


  1. It can be difficult to balance a scenario, especially if someone gets a good series of good luck


  2. Always liked this Charles Grant scenario and have played it a number of times. Good to see it appear again.


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