Little game

I played a quick solo game based on the article by Rich Clarke in the latest MW.

The scenario is a platoon attack supported by a light mortar, against a couple of squads defending a house and some woods.

I transferred the action to 1939 using Poles as the attackers and Germans as the defenders. Below is the battlefield as the action commences with the Polish platoon advancing towards the ridge north of the German position.

Here is a close-up of the Germans. The trees are from Minibits, bases on some old GW slottabases. The house is a 10mm model from Hovels. The defenders in the woods have the benefit of some foxholes I put together when basing the trees. The Germans have two squads each of 2 rifle groups and 1 LMG group. They have one junior officer. The rules were PBI. Under these rules the German LMGs outclass those of their opponents.

Below are the attackers. 3 squads each of one LMG group and two rifle groups. There is also a light mortar group, a junior officer and a platoon sergeant. 

With action underway the Polish mortar began putting down a smokescreen to protect the flanking attack by two squads while the third occupied the ridge to protect the mortar and draw enemy fire.

Towards the end, both sides have taken losses. The flank attack was halted by some devestating German MG fire but the Poles have also done damage and brought their 3rd squad down from the ridge to push into the woods.

The Germans were soon down to their last rifle group and a replacement leader and retreated before they were cut off.

Fun game and the PBI rules works well.


  1. A little gem. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Steve
    What mechanism do you use when playing solo for controlling one or both sides?

  3. What a cracking little game, thank you for sharing.

  4. Hi anonymous, no mechanism just play each side fairly!

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