Romans vs Picts

Had a cracking game of Dux Bellorum last night at the wild geese club in Nottingham. James brought along his Picts newly housed on some lovely sabot bases and I fielded Late Romans.
We both went fairly light. James had mounted companions and a unit of mounted nobles supported by three ordinary warbands, some light cavalry and two units of skirmishers with bows as well as taking the javelin social rule and two extra LPs. I had mounted companions too, mounted nobles, two ordinary riders, one noble and one ordinary Shieldwall and a skirmisher force of one foot with javelins, one foot with bows, mounted with javelin and mounted with bows. I also had one extra LP.

The battle had a lot of ups and downs, swinging one way and then the other. My planned right hook should have worked when I sent companions, mounted nobles and riders into James's flank guard of mounted nobles x1 and warriors x1. Unfortunately it did not go well and was crowned by James getting five 6s on nine dice to kill my companions and reduce me to zero LPs! My leaderless army just about held on however, with my Shieldwall intercepting the Pictish companions. My turn for the luck then came with some outrageously good shooting from the skirmishers and we soon had units on each side dropping like flies. My losses reached 50% but most units passed their morale checks and finally ground down the Picts who dropped below 75% and fled the field.
Having lost my general early I think this was a very narrow escape bit it did make for a great game. The one thing losing the big cheese did was to free me from the worry of losing units and LPs and just getting things stuck in.

But, FIVE 6s on nine dice! C'mon :-)



  1. I'm up for writing an official rule that makes players named James re-roll their sixes. I remember his ability to get more than his fair share :-)

    1. It is those green dice of his:-) fortunately he used them for bravery tests too and his group of warriors rolled double 6 two turns running and we play the optional blunder rule...

  2. Sounds like fun! My Romano-Brits lost to the Picts on Monday in my first ever game of Dux Bellorum. We did lots wrong, but I really enjoyed the game and am looking forward to playing against Andy MacT's Saxons on Monday.

  3. This sounds like a lot of fun! My son is wanting to play, but he is too small right now. I told him when he is a little older I will put him in.

    Alena |


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