Green Goths

Base more or less finished. Glue needs to dry and spear for casualty rings needs highlighting.

The base has a couple of conversions. The leader started as a very old Viking figure from the initial releases by Gripping Beast. He has a head swap and some hair made from millionth because I could not for the life of me find any of the greenstuff that I know I have. The second is the chap on the edge of the base swinging his throwing axe. He started as a late roman chucking a dart. I lopped off the head and an arm which were replaced with more gothic-ish alternatives. The area around his throat is a bit messy but I am a better painter than sculptor and I think I just about got away with it!

Conversions are a good way of taking useful bits from the occasional sculpt you don't like to refresh the ones that are good but would otherwise be a bit repetitive in a non-uniformed, non-drilled army. Just know where you greenstuff is!



  1. Greate looking unit !!!

    Best regards Michael

  2. Wow! Again, a great looking unit - fantastic work!

  3. Very nice painting and basing!

  4. Splendid painting here.


  5. This is a very inspirational piece of work. I love the colors and the detail. Great blog.. I'll be visiting often!


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