Oh my!

These look great and are due out imminently from Victrix

I have already been looking at combining ideas from The Pefect Captain's Hoplomachia and either Dux Bellorum or Impetus.

With these and the potential for plastic Caesarian Romans from Warlord it might be time to get used to working with plastic figures.

Now, I do already have a decent number of Wargames Foundry Greeks and Athenian and Spartan armies in 15mm that I hardly ever use. What is it with Greeks?


  1. Great looking minis indeed,

    Sounds interesting in mixing the different rulesystem, tell us more.

    Best regards Michael

  2. The 'Immortal' ones are excellent. They are now sold through Warlord, and they are very very nice.


    I have a pack which I keep intending to finish, but I have no real 28mm opponents.


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